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Falling Lightblocks

Modern-looking Classic Falling Blocks with multiplayer mode and gamepad support · By MrStahlfelge


Recent updates

Falling Lightblocks currently not on Google Play
Some of you already noticed that Falling Lightblocks is currently not available on Google Play. Here is why:
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On-device multiplayer with split screen
There's now an on-device multiplayer mode with split screen added. You need two game controllers or a game controller and a keyboard to play it. Have fun!...
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Adjustable on screen controls
Latest Android beta version 1.4.1928 comes with revamped On Screen Button settings: you can now use the on screen gamepad button configuration in portrait mode...
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v1.4: Modern with Freeze
We have a new game mode: Version 1.4.1923 brings the new mode "Modern with Freeze". Enjoy, and let me know about any quirks...
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Theme support
Latest Falling Lightblocks version 1.3.1917 supports themes. You can create your own themes, share them with friends or download themes made by others. Read the...
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Now on iOS!
Falling Lightblocks is now available on iOS! The turn-based multiplayer and leaderboards work cross-platform between iOS and Android users. So if one of your fr...
v1.3.1901: Turn based multiplayer!
We have a global, turn based multiplayer mode now! YEAH! With a maximal turn playtime of 1:30min, it will fit in all your breaks. This is completely new and (as...
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New beta 1.2.1835!
The new beta v1.2.1835 is available now. Download it here from itch or from Google Play's beta channel. The new beta brings the Marathon Mode "Full Retro" - exc...
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