Submission for libGDX Game Jam September 2020 "Parallel worlds"

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StatusIn development
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This is really addictive :) it helps me to increase the capacity of my reflexes also :D If I fail my worlds are usually like 45 degrees angled to each other :D heheh :) i need to practice more. Awesome game. By the way it will really get lots of positive feedback if there is a mobile version released on the markets.

I am not really sure. It makes some fun on mobile, but it really is a play once game, isn't it? :D

it has the potential after a few enhancement like more levels a competition of online highscore list etc. I like the idea and the concept "parallel worlds" is a nice touch to the theme 😀

Really nice! With a little tweaking this could be a really nice mobile game. One of those games where you have to be sort of precise in your tapping to get a high score. Really enjoyed it. :)

A game of reflexes and big brain power. A very worthy submission and I like how you interpreted the theme, very creative. A+